In consonance with its mandate, LECIAD offers M.A. in International Affairs: 12-months Full-Time and 24-months Part-Time; and a Four-Year Ph. D. in International Affairs Programmes. The Programmes are taught from interdisciplinary perspectives, integrating theories and concepts to elucidate the interplay among power and interests, markets, institutions, values and norms, and evolving actors on the worldwide scene; whose interplay shapes opportunities and limitations in the ever-globalising world. The transnational nature of security, human rights, environment, natural resources, international law, development, among others, are emphasized. The African perspective is given special emphasis in each of these programmes. English is the medium of instruction.

Students offering M.A. are also required to study one language other than English. LECIAD thus offers proficiency courses, subject to availability of tutors, in the following languages: Arabic, French, German, Hausa, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swahili.

The Centre also runs a Wednesday Seminar series during each Semester for ten weeks. The Wednesday Seminars are addressed by academics and experienced practitioners drawn from various fields. The aim of the programmes is to train top quality researchers in all areas of international affairs and diplomacy to equip the students for academia, as well as top level jobs in the public and private sector.