This course aims to promote students’ knowledge and understanding of the fundamental and salient theoretical, and conceptual imperatives that underpin the study of International Law. It also stimulates students’ interests in the everyday issues and developments that have shaped global trends in international public law. It devotes efforts to examining some of the growing contentious issues that have dominated the thoughts of scholars of International Law. In particular, it analyses issues relating to the making of international law, sources, context, nature, and the personalities involved. It delves into the law of the sea, air, and outer space, human rights, dispute settlements, and the international use of force and sanctions as well as the role of the states in international law. These issues are examined from both doctrinal and non-doctrinal perspectives to enhance students’ theoretical and practical understanding of the various configurations. The mixture of lectures and seminar presentations by students will stimulate effective participation and the development of critical minds to comprehend the nature and dynamics of the global legal regime and its practices. Also, the use of the Guest Lecturers’ framework will add to students’ understanding of how laws are harnessed to serve states’ interests in the global arena. Students who go through this course would develop a better and deeper understanding of the politics and other perspectives that define and influence the global legal discourse.