This course is geared towards developing students’ abilities to comprehend the cultural practices that guide the conduct and behaviour of the diplomatic community. It traces the evolution of diplomatic practice and examines the diplomatic land scape, forms, nature and fundamental principles that underpin the subject matter of Diplomatic Practice. Furthermore, the course attempts to provide a detailed distinction between terms such as diplomacy, foreign policy and international relations. It engages in comprehensive debates about the theoretical linkages between diplomatic practice and preventive diplomacy; summitry and conference diplomacy as well as the forms and nature of diplomacy. The course examines the modern trends in diplomacy, the role of mediation and negotiation in diplomacy, and analyses the importance of public diplomacy. It combines classroom lectures with in-depth experience-sharing by practitioners, use of images in the form of audios and videos to promote better understanding of the theoretical discussions. At the end of the course, students would have acquired an in-depth practical knowledge and understanding of the techniques about the conduct and practices of contemporary diplomacy.